The approach is based on the experience of the inner body. Movement becomes sensitive when it takes us out of our usual psychic states. It leads us to a state of availability where our body becomes presence in the world.

The inner movement is a state of animation of matter to life, inherent in the living matter of the body and whose perception brings us back to the origin of all expression, of all existing phenomenon. Listening to the inner movement leads us to silence, a space and time before thought, where the essence of being is met.

The approach is to perceive the inner movement, this internal animation of the body underlying all movement and all expression. This inner place of self-experience is by itself at the source of our deep vitality, of our creative impulses and of their activation.

The body is an expression of Being. The sensitive is the place of experience of being in one’s body.
In order for the body to vibrate in harmony with the world, it is all about developing a sensory and sensitive opening of oneself, of letting the psyche agree with the internal experience of the body living in the moment.

By developing consciousness, we achieve the simplicity of welcoming life, a state where joy is the source of action, where the heart is the basis of all relationships.

The practice

Moving towards presence... A meditation in movement

The approach proposed in Danse du Sensible is based on the association between meditative dance, perceptual pedagogy, non violent communication and the meaning of the gesture

The practice of the Danse du Sensible is first of all learning, exploration and expression of a conscious movement.
Danse du du Sensible is also called, Dance of Inner Sensitivity and Movement of Presence

All the workshops are based on:

- Self-experience in movement,
- presence to oneself and presence to others,
- the development of a deep and authentic expression
- the development of his deep creativity

C o n n e c t   w i t h   t h e  m o v e m e n t   o f   t h e   u n i v e r s e  

t o   l e t   y o u r s e l f   m o v e   a n d   b e   m o v e d...

                                                                            a   d a n c e   o f   t h e   B e i n g


Listening and sensitive perception of the inner movement, Full Presence Meditation

- to enter into a relation of presence to oneself,
- to identify emotions, feelings and basic needs
- to open up to the beauty of the present moment

L i s t e n i n g   t o   t h e   h e a r t

Gestural practice, learning and expression of a conscious movement

Practice of sensory movement, based on slowness and muscle relaxation.
Connect with the place of emergence of the movement per se.
Develop listening, welcoming and slowness
Explore, recognize and welcome the diversity, depth and subtlety of your emotions from your feelings.
Work on deep coordination, stability, internal rhythm and globality.
Harmonization between anchoring and emotion of the movement.
Giving meaning to the gesture
Meet the other from this sensitive place within oneself.
By observing the effects that the gesture creates in us, we enrich the link between thought, emotions and way of expressing ourselves.
From the realization of codified forms to free expression, showing in gestural expression what emerges from oneself.
Dare to speak in front of others. Individual practices, two-person practices or group practices.

By the flavor of a movement carried out in a relaxed slowness, we learn to perceive what we do not perceive of ourselves, we develop the pleasure and the joy of an authentic movement. We bring the gesture a new presence and intensity. Receive creative information, let it resound in the depth of our own material to find the impulse for the right gesture and live a more embodied expression of who we are.
Dare to show what inspires us in the depths of our being, to make our bodies a sensitive interlocutor and to enrich our way of being to ourselves and to the world. By silently listening to our own movement, we gain access to that deepest part of self from which true expression is born.

The Dance of the Sensitive is a meditative dance, a meditation in movement, an inner dance which contacts the sensitive part of life in itself and offers it the opportunity to express itself

A n   e x p r e s s i o n   f r o m   t h e   h e ar t

Sensitive Touch

Approach based on manual support in somato-psycho-pedagogy. Using a soft, deep and subtle touch and with the help of a very slow movement, we are going to set in motion still or tense body areas, release buried emotions, regain hidden vitality, discover awareness, together with a new sweetness. This practice makes it possible to meet the other in her/his movement, to hear the deep demands of the body, to accompany her/him in her/his liberations, her/his sensitive perceptions and her/his inner renewal.

Putting feelings into words

Movement through speech:
Explore, get to recognize and welcome the diversity, depth and subtlety of your emotions, feelings and needs.
Empathetic listening and authentic expression training.
A time for writing and for sharing, in order to support internal developments
Develop a form of simplicity to nourish the link between our thinking, our emotions, our feelings and our way of expressing ourselves.

… Presence in movement

« A green bean encloses the whole cosmos: the sun, the rain, the whole earth, time, space and consciousness.
Likewise, each of you encloses the whole cosmos within you.
The Kingdom of God, the Pure Land of Buddha is in all of us, in every cell of our body. »

English translation from a French original. Thich Nhat Hanh

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