Dance of the Sensitive, Movement of Presence Course

A Meditative Dance, a Perceptual Dance, a Transformation Dance,
a Dance of the Being, a Dance of Incarnation

An inner movement art, to link the body to the mind, to connect movement and expression in a context of learning about oneself

The Dance of the Sensitive is a meditation in motion, an inner dance that invites to take care of the sensitive part of life within oneself, offering it the opportunity to come forth. It is defined as the bodily presence born of the inner movement together with the relationship to oneself and to the whole world. It is the expression of the Being throughout gesture.


The Training In Sensitive Dance

A meditative dance

Meet a place of quietness and depth, develop your bodily interiority: this practice invites to touch the depth of oneself, to awaken one's consciousness by connecting with the place where the movement emerges within oneself. A listening to silence attitude, a meditative gesture that deploys presence to the inner movement and links us to the essence.

Development of mindful gestures, of full presence

Develop sensory intelligence of the body, enrich balance, coordination, anchoring and adaptability, develop self-perception:
By practicing sensory movement, a movement based on slowness and the relaxation of tensions, we learn to better feel what is within us. The result is a living bodily anchoring which leads to refining one's perception and sensitivity, acquiring greater stability, developing internal rhythmicity and globality. Raising awareness of the movement within oneself develops gestural mindfulness, self-awareness, ensuring presence and intensity.


Motion in order to heal, to take care of oneself

Experience the therapeutic dimension of movement, the perception of inner motion to deeply meet, gain better self-knowledge, boost vitality, create a more stable bodily reality and more solid psychological ground: by transforming fixed assets into movement, gray areas are illuminated. A harmony between the body and the psyche sets forth, self-confidence grows and the feeling of identity unfolds, the life path is discovered, recognized and assumed.

Motion in order to express oneself, to create, to dare be free, to make the best of one’s life

Expand your gestural skills, explore the foundations of motion and expression to bring a new presence and intensity to gesture: The meditative practice of movement leads to opening the heart and expressing the depth of one's moods through gesture. The conscience of one's inner movement is a source of confidence, freedom, and creativity. When it becomes sensitive, the dance of the inner movement leads to daring to unveil by the use of gestural expression what emerges from one’s depths. By developing our potential for creativity, we will dare to show what inspires us, to open up to a larger life and enrich our way of being towards ourselves and towards the world.

“Receive creative information, let it resonate in the depth of your matter
to find the impetus for the right gesture and live an embodied expression of who you are.”

Perceptual Pedagogy And Danced Expression

Bodily practice is deep and sensitive. It leads to a global and unified perception of the human being.

This approach is based on:

     - Self-experience through motion
     - Presence to oneself, presence to others
     - Developing a deep and authentic expression
     - Self-recognition and learning from own experience

Perceiving the inner movement helps to bridge the gap between therapy and the sacred dimension of motion. This is to depart from the inner dimension to reach creativity. Thus, We access a movement which concerns the essence of the living and the origin of all expression, a movement which is experienced through us, a movement which dances, which makes us luminous and which embodies us.

We create a spiritual dance, an awakening dance, a dance of the being.


Training content

Theoretical Modules

The Dance of the Sensitive: meditation, perception, emotion, self-expression, sensitive awakening and embodiment.
Perceptual pedagogy of gesture, theory of movement, psychology of movement
Anatomy, physiology of movement, body identity and corporal symbolic
Elements of perceptual psychopedagogy based on Danis Bois's research
Movement and therapy, Art and therapy, Dance and therapy
Empathetic Listening, Verbal Expression and Meaning: A Person-Centered Approach, according to Carl Rogers and Non-Violent Communication Tools, according to Marshall Rosenberg


Practice Modules

Sensory introspection, Full-minded meditation
Sensory movement
Sensitive touch
Danced and sensitive expressiveness:

     - The sensory movement at the service of a meditative dance, perceptual dance, dance therapy, awakening dance, embodiment dance
     - Relation between motion and emotion, dance and moods, dance and universal needs
     - Improvisation and sensitive performance
     - The different "soft touches"
     - Sensory contact
     - Sensitive creation - creation with the value of self-transformation

Listening and verbal expression, finding words and writing
Coaching practices

This four-year course is for anyone wishing to explore the foundations of self-expression and the therapeutic dimension of gestures.

The next course will start in November 2021

You can download the detailed documentation at the bottom of the page



1st part sessions, internships and workshops

Courses, workshops and practices: 20 days of training in the form of 3 to 5-day sessions
Access to 2 thematic weekends and to monthly Dance of the Sensitive workshops
Access to special discounts and thematic internships
Price per year: 1740 euros
Dates 2021-2022 : November 25-27th, 2021 /January  6-8th, 2022 / March 10-12 / May 6-8 / June 24-26 / August 20-24

Specific Module of the first part : Individual creation of an artistic project with the value of self-transformation under the form of a solo

- Project development: creative inspiration, elaboration and significance
- Structuring in time and space, scenic development
- Search for sound, music, or text accompaniment
- Development of a performer-spectator relationship.
- Supporting the process, development and public presentation
- Ritual of appearance in front of the world


Access to persons having followed the 1st part, as well as perceptive educators, somato-psycho-pedagogues and face therapists

2nd part sessions, internships and workshops

Courses, workshops and practices: 20 days of training in the form of 3 or 5-day sessions
Access to 2 thematic weekends and to monthly Dance of the Sensible workshops
Access to special discounts and thematic internships
Price per year: 1740 euros

Start in October 2021


Specific Modules of the second part

The modules listed above will continue throughout the 2nd year of the course
        - Group creation of a project of the sensitive -
        - Support during the journey, the development and the public presentation
        - Ritual of existence in the world



We deepen the acquisition of the tools studied and practiced in the first two years, with the intention of developing the supportive relationship of the other. This is a year to define the directions specific to each person and the integration into her/his personal and professional life as far as the processes of self-knowledge are concerned. This is done through the perception of inner movement, the practice of sensitive movement and expression.

3rd part sessions, internships and workshops

Courses, workshops and practices: 23 days of training in the form of 3 or 5-day sessions
Access to 2 thematic weekends and to monthly Dance of the Sensitive workshops
Access to special discounts and thematic internships

Specific Modules

Theory and practices of animation and coaching
Motion decoding, situations to coach and animate

Preparation and presentation of a written document

Practitioners-Practitioners Group

Days retained for Practitioners in Sensitive Dance and Sensitive Movement and for people who have followed the whole course

Yearly 6 to 8 days training
Supervision, practice and experience sharing, full-presence meditation, expressiveness and creativity instance, opportunity for experiences.
Dates 2019-2020:
5-6th October 2019 / 27-28th February 2020 / 3-5th July 2020



Sessions and monthly workshops in the Paris region
Residential summer session: La Métairie du Moulin, 89500 Les Bordes

Download the detailed program and registration form in PDF

Detailed documentation - Programm Registration form 

1srt year training dates 2021-2022  

Pratitioner Group Dates 2020-2021



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     - Send a deposit check of 400 euros payable to the Emeï Association

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