Danse du Sensible
Dance of Inner Sensitivity and Movement of Presence

Develop the inner movement perception to achieve a present and incarnate expression of the essence

A meditative dance, a perceptive dance
a therapeutic dance, a transformation dance,
dance of the being, an incarnation dance

The Sensitive is a relationship mode with oneself and with the world that's based on the experience of the essential part of oneself in one's body and in the body expression when it's in motion. Such an experience is perceived under the form of an inner movement. So, the Dance of the Sensitive is a meditative and interior dance which contacts the sensitive part of life in itself, offering it the opportunity to come forth. It is defined by the bodily presence born out of inner movement as well as the relationship with oneself and with the world which results from it. It is the expression of being in gesture.

By combining perceptive psychopedagogy, danced expression and nonviolent communication, the Dance of the Sensitive offers a new way to connect with and express oneself that is both authentic and incarnated.

"Develops the link between the universal source of movement and what makes us unique,
so as we dare express what inspires us in our being depths
and enriches our way of being with ourselves and with the world." C.L


"The quality of presence within gesture is by nature a means of developing awareness.
It makes us open to the beauty of the present moment, to the intensity of our presence.
By promoting self-expression, it is a source of confidence, a source of creativity." C.L.

A meditative dance, a perceptive dance

The Dance of the Sensitive is first and foremost an interiority dance. It invites us to feel, to feel ourselves, to perceive ourselves in all our dimensions. Perception is refined through the development of a conscious movement which is achieved using a certain quality of slowness, a relaxation of habits and a quality of attention to the experience undergone in every moment. To experience oneself in movement means to develop a presence to oneself which then leads to the presence being experienced through oneself, in the moving expression of an incarnated dance.

A dance-therapy, a transformation dance

The Dance of the Sensitive is a therapeutic dance since it leads to taking care of oneself. It seeks the origin of therapy, where "taking care" brings new harmony. By reconnecting us to the essence, it generates fluidity where rigidities were created. By bringing us gesture consciousness, it comes to set in motion the unconsciousness areas. The Dance of the Sensitive transforms the relationship with one's body. From there it transforms the relationship with oneself, developing the ability to get in closeness with the deepest part of ourselves. By encountering the dimension of the inner movement universality, we can connect the physical, emotional and psychic dimensions of our being. Where consciousness develops, things take on meaning, they reorient themselves. Dancing becomes therapeutic when it develops a new way of seeing things as well as the whole world. The Dance of the Sensitive takes us into a transformation journey, leading to observe our abilities and our strengths, like our resistances and our ways of cutting ourselves off from the essence, and learning to let them transform. The Dance of the Sensitive is as much a practice of well-being and self-knowledge, as a therapy through motion. It is an experience of accessing life's spiritual dimension which can bring more understanding, peace and daily serenity.


A dance of the Being

The Dance of the Sensitive is a dance of being because it leads to the presence of being in the heart of oneself, in the intimacy of the body. The dance of being is a direct contact with the essence, it is the place of an alchemy between immobility and movement, where manifestation comes in.

The inner movement is a slow and deep flow perceived in the depth of the body. It brings the essence of life to our expression, to our dance. It animates our movement and is embodied in our gesture. To let oneself be guided by the inner movement of being means to access the expression of this essential part of oneself.

Embodiment Dance

The Dance of the Sensitive is a path towards spirituality through the body, a path of consciousness, an opening to another life dimension. We are in a dance of presence. The dimension of the Sensitive gives the dance of Being its incarnation. To recognize our humanity means to assume our incarnation. The Dance of the Sensitive invites you to link the universal source of movement to what makes us unique, our own particularities. This, in order to develop confidence in the originality of its own expression. Learning to express yourself from this sensitive place of anchoring is opening up to your deep creativity.

The Dance of the Sensitive also means linking dance to life. It is to embody the Dance of Being in the ways of dancing one's life.


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